Mapping hINDYA'S Textile Heritage 🧵
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Are you even a true INDIAN if you haven’t visited DILLI HATT at least once?


Delhi Hatt is one place that always gets our founder, Aashna Sehgal, enraptured! As a kid, the hatt was her weekend getaway, a home away from home!


It was the wholesome experience that captured her heart, from spotting unique ceramics, colourful hair beadings, rajasthani silver jewellery, relishing upon authentic Dal baati churma and observing artisans take pride in their local art; it was all of it that shaped her & gave birth to HINDYA. 


Her love for Indian culture & rich crafts reflected in the decor of her safe space. Her home still is adorned with beautiful door hangings from Jaipur, table tops from Madras,  madhubani paintings from Bihar and more.


She has been brought up in a culturally rich family herself, and so is blessed with an ever-loving relationship with desi fashion & Indian wear. Merging her love to design Indian clothing & the tech savvy shoppers, she decided to build a virtual hatt, that has got something for everyone - SHOPHINDYA! At SHOPHINDYA, we aim to mentally teleport you to a magical virtual world of Indian art and heritage, through a fascinating panorama of craft by mapping India’s cultural heritage.


The scheduled tribes of India account for over 8.6% of the total population. Residing in different states and regions, each tribe has something unique to offer.


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